“October… Let’s just leave it be.”

Glenn Figuron, pulling in!

Aye Catulay. Slotted. 

PJ Alipayo ruled.

Some pros who came here for the WSL QS 3000 were saying they should move the comps to October. That’s one thing to think about. Year after year after year, swells get fewer and and fewer and the so called “season” has been delayed gradually, day by day. No wonder competitors would want that. They say it’s climate change. oh, another thing to think about.

It wasn’t so long ago when things started getting spicy as early as July. Remember that time we always got a few days in July then 2 to 3 swells a month lasting almost a week at a time? ahh. Sometimes you’d pray for some down time for recovery. ahhh.. those were the days.

September.. Repairing and improving the weathered boardwalk begins. Resort renovations, expansion and developments are almost done and ready for the festivities. The island already thinks that it’s ready to take more than it would be capable of taking again. The whole country starts to gather in this small patch of this tiny tear drop shaped island for the National comps which will crown a national champ and seed locals to the WSL QS event. A few of the foreign pros come in early to ease into the wave and get a feel of the warm water hollow tropical goodness thats a 25 second paddle away.

Mainstream Media..Crowd..Fiesta..Food..Party..WSL QS..Winner..



We got about two weeks until the southwest monsoon which was sort of shy will totally shy away. Onshore Northeast winds will prevail again almost more than half the year. And again, it’s going to be a totally different set-up. It will take a few weeks for the rain, wind and cold to sink in. It’s just going to be a bit sad. But not too bad though, we’ll get some off season surprises every now and then (fingers crossed).

But October.. Oh October, Let’s just leave it be.”

– Gaps Sabuero.

Dodo Espejon.

PSCT’s Luke Landrigan.

Osot Alcala, hitting the brakes!


Kent Brian Solloso, in the zone.
Dodo Espejon, deep on a single fin!
Osot Alcala as always being rhetorical of what is deep and what is not.
Legend Yok Yok Alipayo showing that age doesn't matter.
Philip Marzon from Cantilan.
Chilean Pro surfer Nico Vargas stayed 2 weeks more after the comps, good move.
John Mark Tokong aka Marama!
Kent Brian Solloso
Loloy Espejon.

(Oct 10 – 12, 2017)  |  Gaps Sabuero Photo