You’ve probably seen our latest skateboarding centric digital offering, The Hong Kong issue. 2 weeks in a foreign land with street spots way different from what we are accustomed in the Philippines. Smooth ground, street ledges that looks like it belongs in a skate park, a world class skate park, less hostile security guards/getting kicked out, etc… You get the drift, it was epic times.

As with every skate trip that lasts more than a week, plus throw in a squad of skaters than can manipulate the stunt wood with ease, getting photos day in day out wasn’t out of the question. So here we are, photos that couldn’t make it to the issue but tells a little bit more on what went down on our skate-cation in the 852.

063 to 852

First meal in HK! #pancitcantoncrew

Home for 2 weeks!

Air con and with WIFI? BAM!

The squad at #KwunTongCountryClub

Skate life. 5 Star accommodation.

Leon King.

First spot, Pootie Tang in Morrison Hill!

Must visit when in HK.

8FIVE2! Salamat, Brian!

Roof top bank!

Oh really?

Wallie Pivot.

Can’t stop the Mak ATTAK!

Nose Stall Shove out. Hands down.

Galing a

Cheung Chau Island!


Hang over cure

No sleep, but still won best trick. Kenneth killed it.

For no reason.

Hong Kong is a visual treat at night.

Post GSD celebration. MSG in the system.

A bit of ¬†bottle flip gambling don’t hurt anyone.

But if you’re on the losing end…..cough up that money!

When everyone is asleep…

Back Smith


5050 Transfer

Nice spot, but we got the boot.

We were spot hunting at the Central Business District and was getting kicked out. We were going to call it quits when we stumbled at this stair set. Kenneth, Switch Heel.

M.Fel. Impossible!

Jundax, Switch Pop Shove it.

Nose slide at a dental clinic.

Marble ledge! Slappy back lip.

Sheed, Back 5

You got to pay to play.

 HK Poly! Nice spots and cheap good food.



Jeff G popped his shoulder on this trip but still got down. He good like that.

Sick architecture in the background.

HK, we out.

But we will be back!



Photos by Maui Hidalgo