In no particular order. Some here at test shots I did to play around with lighting and angles, some photos are floating and in limbo in my harddrive and it’ll be a shame if it just stayed there.

Go skate after viewing these images!

 The ledge is as wide as his skateboard. Mak, keeping it on track.

Makapuno. Kickflip. Bolts.

Please mind the gap. 360 flip, done and dusted.

Hardflips ain’t that hard for Rap Santos.

Kickflip, Banjo Reyes handlin biz!

DJ Plaza, reaching for the sky with a beefy Indy grab.


Sweepin’ sweeper!

Alley oop Five ooh!

Shinji Fuji, wallride.

Jundin borrowed my camera and snapped a photo of 1/2 of the Florendo twins. Adrian, ollie.

Margie, pre Woodward trip.

Jeff G, switch heel attempt, but no cigar. 

PADI!!! Tre bomb, Louie Enconado.

Switch flip, Jundaxxx!

This spot was gnar! Keep it tuned in to see what went down.


Photos | Maui Hidalgo