When we think about Siargao, the boardwalk, the scenic locations and of course the heaving right-hand drainers of Cloud 9 always come to mind. As a venue for some of the most prestigious surfing events in The Philippines and home to the best waveriders the country has to offer, there’s good reason why surf-tourism is peaking at these parts.

As busy as it sounds, you can never take out the cruisey vibe the island holds. Thanks to the booming surf-tourism and the digital crossroads, French photographer Camille RDP was a able to share with us a few words about photography and some amazing film rolls from her recent trip.

So sit back, relax and scroll down as we take you on a Siargao Island photo trip like no other.

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“My name is Camille Robiou du Pont, I’m 25 years old and I’m from Nantes, located on the west coast of France. I used to live in Shanghai, China for the last four years and after I quit my job last March, I decided to travel around Asia for three about months before coming back home.”

“I’ve been to the Philippines in the past and just fell in love with the country, that’s when I decided to come back and learn more on surfing in Siargao. As a photographer, the space around us influence our works and inspirations. The surfing world in general has definitely opened a whole new gateway for me.”

“I think photography for me is the best way to express my feelings and emotions. I’m not the best at telling stories, I just share my experiences with images. My work is also the best way for me to meet people and share my experiences, it helped me communicate not what I only see but also what’s inside me.”

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“For the photos here, I used the film camera Canon A1 with a 50mm 1.8 with Kodak 400 film. I’m very sensitive to the colors and the composition, and I try to play as much as possible with it. I wanted to illustrate the relation between the surfers and their environment, and how they are in harmony with it. Using an analog camera help mes to bring more sensibility and a kind of fragility. 

“I think what is important is not the subject on the pictures but how people interpret the image and what emotions they feel when they look at it, it’s very important for me when people make that connection. For this, you have to build a unique relationship with the models to be able to catch that real moment. ”

“I’m eager to discover new spots in The Philippines and practice basically more on surfing as much as possible. I’m really excited to come back there because The Philippines truly is a place that inspires me and if everything falls into place I even wish to stay there for the coming years.”

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