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Similar to music, surfing comes in a variety of disciplines, genres and instruments. Long, short, finless or even nothing at all, as long as you’re having a blast out there; it is all that matters.

Last Feb 13-16, 2016 at the roping rights of San Juan, La Union, we pay tribute to the classical side of longboarding and surfing in general. Headed by the good people at COAST THRU LIFE and NEW ERA Caps PH, Single And Unattached 2016 was nothing but good times!

Mother nature wasn’t really feeling it at first but when she finally got into the mood, it was definitely more than what we bargained for!

The beach party was off the hook, the log-riding was second to none and not to mention that weekday freesurf! Definitely another for the books. Big thanks also going out to all the local surfers of La Union for sharing their waves, the ASC (Asian Surfing Championship) for the support and everyone who flew in overseas just so we could kick it.

Here’s a small token of appreciation to everyone that made it possible! Enjoy!

Videos by ASC / Sean Gilhooley.

Single and Unattached 2016 RESULTS :

Men’s Invitational
1. Arip “Mencos” Nurhidayat (West Java, Indonesia)
2. JR Esquivel (La Union, Philippines)
3. Benito Nerida (La Union, Philippines
4. Mark Aguila (Baler, Philippines)

Women’s Invitational
1. Daisy Valdez (La Union, Philippines)
2. Zyra Carbonell (La Union, Philippines)
3. Seal Yates (Adelaide, Australia)
4. Jina Kim (South Korea)

Tiny Toes
1. Jomari Ebueza (La Union, Philippines)
2. Perry Ventura (La Union, Philippines)
3. Jhenard Fernandez (La Union, Philippines)
4. Daryl Esquivel (La Union, Philippines)

Single Fin Shortboard Expression Session
1. Luke Landrigan (La Union, Philippines)
2. Roger Casugay (La Union, Philippines)
3. Marven Abat (La Union, Philippines)

Nixon’s Sickest Trick Award – Mark Aguila (Baler, Philippines)