Milton Martinez gnarly kickflip to bank.

Feast your eyes on this solid 8-minute edit as the CONVERSE crew scorches through the American Southwest. Here’s an on-the-road compilation from Zered Bassett, Tom Remillard, Louie Lopez, Andrew Brophy, Dolan Stearns, Aaron Herrington and the beast that is Milton Martinez. Brace yourselves (and the replay button) for the last trick, people. Kickflip game too strong! One more? Take a closer […]


Wes Kremer already did two demos here in the Philippines and man, the dude makes it look way too easy. After pulling out a couple of mind-bending video parts in 2014, nailing THRASHER Magazine‘s Skater of the Year was no surprise. Here’s “SOTY & the Hemmies” with special guests Torey Pudwill, Marius Syvanen, Madars Apse, T-Funk, Tyler Surrey, […]