Welcome to the 2017 VANS Go Skateboarding Day celebration held last June 24, 2017 at the The Metrotent in Pasig, Metro Manila!

Go Skateboarding Day is a once a year opportunity for all the skateboarders to meet, greet and experience the booming skate scene in their respective parts of the globe. Shout out to VANS Philippines for making it happen here in Manila!

Every year something crazy goes down and this year was no different as we push the boundaries of Filipino skateboarding . Of course all wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for each and every one who came out last Saturday! If you didn’t make it, here are some photos of what went down courtesy of Maui Hidalgo and Mark Cristino.

It wouldn’t be Go Skateboarding Day without some good ol’ huckin’! Given 2 courses for 1 whole day was definitely a treat for all the filmers, photographers and skaters who made it to Pasig. The vibe was awesome and everybody was charging it both at the indoor and outdoor skate courses.

Through the years the VANS Caravan never fails to give out sweet deals for all the skateboarders who fell in line literally for hours just get first dibs on some crazy prices. We’re no life-coaches but spending your finances on discounted skate-shoes and apparel sounds way better than blowing it on video games and junk food!

It also wouldn’t be Go Skateboarding Day if we didn’t have the GSD rituals going down! Aside form the longest and highest ollie challenges, we’ve added a highest hippie jump contest, on a real steel barrier just to up the ante. Of course there were makes, (contest-makes) and some slams but luckily nobody got hurt bad at the end of the day. Here’s a list of all the takers!

Longest Ollie winner, Egie Chavez.

Longest Powerslide winner,  Jomel Tumbokon. 

Under 14 years old Tic Tac race.

Highest Ollie winner, Banjo Reyes. 

Highest hippie-jump winner, Mark Fernandez.

Old Skool division best trick winner, June Castor (kickflip melon).

After a tight wild card elimination round of 30 skateboarders present, only 10 made it to the finals of the 2017 Vans Philippines Skate Championships to compete alongside the Luzon and Visayas regional winners and the Vans Philippines riders. When the dust settled it was Baler boy Mak Feliciano who came out 1st with Chris Hurich from Iloilo in 2nd and Bicolano, Mark Fernandez for 3rd place. Congrats boys!

VPSC 2017 Best Run 3rd place winner, Mark Fernandez.

VPSC 2017 Best Run 2nd place winner, Chris Ping Hurich.

Your 2017 VPSC Best Run Champion, Mak Feliciano!

Best Run 1st Place – Mak Feliciano. 2nd place – Chris Hurich. 3rd place – Mark Fernandez.

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