“What started out as a group chat thing on social media eventually ended up with passports updated, tickets booked, bags packed and before we knew it we were off to the 852! Two weeks on the road with a heavy squad of Filipino skateboarders anywhere in the Philippines is already rad, but to actually spend it overseas where the skateboarding culture is on a whole different level?

Featuring Jeff Gonzales, Mak Feliciano, Rasheed Al Rasheed, Kenneth Evangelista, Jundin Santos, Gene Quilantang, Demi Cuevas, Margielyn Didal and Leon Velasco.  Photographed by Maui Hidalgo, Gab Sarmiento, Kenji Haruta, Anthony Claravall, Dani Bautista and VJ Chua. Catch this heavy lineup take on the 852 in a hundred page all-killer-no-filler issue. Enjoy!

This presentation is brought to you by Eightfivetwo shop, New Balance Numeric, WSH, ILLA MANILA, Strap, CALLE, LABEL SHOE CO., Ares Skate Supply, TCMF, THE Clothing, Sea Sktbrdng, Stargate and Quilla Skate Shop.

If you missed the premiere, here’s some PHOTOS from Maui Hidalgo and BJ Tangco from last Saturday’s rager!


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